Roadtrip Cairns – Brisbane

The last three weeks have been a blast. Starting in the very tropical north of Queensland and going all the way down to Brisbane.

Cape Tribulation

Where the rainforest meets the sea…

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After you have seen the nice warning-sings at the beach that you can’t swim in the sea because of the crocs but you still want to go swimming I can highly recommend you the Emmagen Creek. There are two really nice swimming holes and one of them even has a rope swing (so much fun).

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Mossmsan Gorge

Mossman is a little village about 1,5 h north of Cairns. There you can find the beautiful Mossman Gorge. As part of the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge is home to the oldest continually surviving rainforest on earth and largely unchanged for more than 135 million years.
It’s also known by locals as one of the best freshwater swimming locations in the region.

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Great Barrier Reef

My reef trip started form Port Douglas. It was a really nice day and I was so excited to go diving (as you can probably imagine).
Within 1,5 hours we arrived at our first spot.
The water was crystal clear and you could also spot many fish from the boat. I really really loved the dives! We even saw a little reef shark and a sea turtle.


Josephine Falls

One of my favorite spot so far are the Josephine Falls. It’s not only super beautiful there but also perfect for refreshing and having fun in the water. There is a huge stone where you can slide down into the water. I can guarantee you that this is super fun!

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Murray Falls

Just made a quick lunch break at Murray Falls. There is a nice lookout, the sign says
45 min walk … but you can do it in 15-20 min!

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Crystal Creek

Another really nice swimming hole is Crystal Creek. If you’re lucky you will even see a turtle swimming in the water.

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Magnetic Island

Rock Wallabies

Come to Armand Way in the evening and you can see and even feed wild Rock Wallabies. I swear it’s one of the cutest things ever, especially when it’s a mother wallaby with it’s baby in her pouch! Aw… I nearly took one with me!

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Radical Bay

There is a really nice walking trail from Horseshoe Bay to Radical Bay which takes you about 30 to 40 minutes. Radical Bay is a really nice and quiet bay, ideal for spending a lazy afternoon there.

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The Forts

It’s a really nice walking trail to an amazing lookout over the island.

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And you can even spot wild koalas. Tip – look out for wooden sticks on the trail and then look up in the trees around; if you’re lucky you’ll spot them.
We were really lucky that day and spotted four koalas! How cute they are!

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Airlie Beach

Basically we went to Airlie Beach because all the sailing and boat trips to the Whitsunday Islands start there. But it’s also one of the best and most beautiful places to do a skydive…


… so we spontaneously decided to do a skydive.

If  riding an airplane is flying, 
then riding a boat is swimming.
If you want to experience the element,
then get out of the vehicle.

~ author unknown

Afterwards I can say that it was one of the best and breathtaking things I have ever done in my life! The view is amazing – when you are going up with the plane you have a stunning view all over the Whitsunday Islands. And the best thing was that I had my great travelmates around me and we all did it together.

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Whitsunday Islands

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands is a must do! You’ll not only see very nice sunsets but …

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… you’ll also have the best snorkel of your life! Soooo many fish!

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This beach is unreal. The sand is so white and the water blue and crystal clear. I couldn’t think of any better name for this beach.

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When you walk in the water you can even spot sting rays and lemon sharks.

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Agnes Waters

Agnes Waters is a cute little village with a really beautiful beach. It’s also perfect to take surf lessons because the waves are ideal for beginners.

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Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world and it’s the only place where rainforest grows on sand!
We rented two 4×4 and had the best time on Fraser. It was so much fun driving on these sandy and bumpy innerland roads and speeding up at the beach.

At night we set up our tents behind dunes on the beach and enjoyed the sunset. And as you can imagine we got up before sunrise to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was incredible, I loved it so much….being totally alone on the beach, nothing but beautiful nature.

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Our first evening was a little bit cloudy and grey but that couldn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty around us and having fun.

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the following morning …

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The next day the weather got better and we had the best time exploring the island …

Champagne Pools

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Eli Creek

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Lake Wabby

The best thing about getting up early is, that you get to see all the nice places without all the people. Not that I don’t like people, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy pure nature.

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We set up our tent for the last time on Fraser Island and got overtaken by this …

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and the sunrise next morning wasn’t too bad either …

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Lake McKanzie

On our last day on Fraser Island we went to lake McKanzie. When we arrived we were overwhelmed…so beautiful and also a little bit unreal!

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In the holiday village Noosa you cannot only find really nice shops and cafes but also beautiful places to discover. I really enjoyed the Noosa National Park walk.

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The next day we arrived in Brisbane and we couldn’t believe that our roadtrip has come to an end. I had such a great time with amazing people!

You never really travel alone.
The world is full of FRIENDS
waiting to get to know you.

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